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A look at interior trends and insights with Omar’s Group Design Manager, Anysia Hopkins

Following our introduction of Omar Group’s new design team, we thought we’d put the kettle on, pull up a chair and have a chat with each of the team. Next up is our talented Group Design Manager Anysia Hopkins.

What do you love most about your job?

Seeing the designs come to life. There is nothing more rewarding than physically walking around the end homes and seeing the reaction of our customers. It’s a fantastic feeling for all involved and we couldn’t do it without the full support of the team.

What’s the hardest thing about it? 

The hardest thing is compromise! In each design there is always a compromise, whether that be in build constraints, product sourcing or costs. The challenge (and fun!) is getting over those without affecting the final design.

I can see from your experience that design is in your DNA – is there any particular style, theme or trend you particularly love? 

That is a tricky one! I like modern design, but I wouldn’t say I have an overall preference for a certain style. Each of the homes have a different brief and design theme so we get to delve into multiple styles and trends which is really gratifying.

In the new Regal range, it’s all fresh and new and is refreshingly original, is this a result of long hours scouring new trends, suppliers and resources? 

Definitely! We wanted the Regal designs to wow our customers and stand out from the crowd. A lot of time was spent on researching trends, generating scheme ideas and sourcing new products. We also work incredibly closely with our suppliers to achieve the exact result we are looking for.

Do you have a favourite in the Regal range and why?

The Regal range is full of personality and different styles. However, the Cranleigh Lodge was designed to make a statement and the level of detail that went into that home would make it hard not to be the favourite.

If you could time travel to your favourite era, what would it be?

There have been some brilliant eras for design, the Bauhaus movement most notably for me. However, if I’m being truthful, I’ve always been one for knowing what’s next. Therefore, if time travel were an option, I would rather move forward and have a snippet of what’s to come and how design might progress in the future.   

Can you explain very briefly how the design will affect the feeling of light and space in a unit?

Absolutely, light within a unit is paramount. If we look at the Artisan, as an example, the home has been designed with a 9ft internal pitch which immediately gives a greater sense of space. Combine this with the addition of a roof light, purposely positioned task lighting and materials designed to maximise light reflections you can create an interior look that is far more spacious than it might actually be.

Can you give us any insights into what’s next for interiors generally?  

It’s always hard to predict interiors as new trends emerge quickly. However, current insight is showing a progressive move towards more sustainable and biophilic interiors. We have already seen the emergence of house plants and the popularity of greens within interiors, but I think this will continue to grow. Other oncoming trends seem to be the use of rich and moody colours with a focus on textures enabling people to create quite dramatic interiors.

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