Mayphil Park

Mayphil Park, Battlebridge, is a new residential park in the heart of Essex. OPDS were initially approached prior to any homes being sited as although the owners were experienced park operators, they were looking for help in promoting the site.

OPDS worked with local estate agent Bairstow Eves to create leads for the park, however, as the park was brand new and no homes had actually been sited, prospective residents found it hard to visualise the site.

Using OPDS’s comprehensive network of industry experts, Chris Lazenby of Lazenby Visuals was contacted. Working together, OPDS and Chris created a computer-generated image (CGI) of how Mayphil Park would look, complete with homes, parked cars and roadways. All this was completed in a very short time scale and with great results.

The results were outstanding, the CGI image allowed potential purchasers to see what the park would look like when completed and even how their individual home would look. The CGI image helped secure three purchases before any homes were even delivered. Maxine of Bairstow Eves commented on how powerful the CGI had been and how it had helped secure sales and further visits.

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OPDS have been instrumental in the day to day running of the park which has included managing relationships with residents, liaising with the local authority, managing the tendering of a complete infrastructure upgrade and producing a new park website. I would like to thank OPDS for helping to make the park even more successful and hope the working relationship will continue for a long time.

Jackie & Steve Vinden, Owners, Odds Farm Park Home Estate

OPDS have been involved with the development of our new Eco Lodge Park, from help with planning, design of the park and guidance on marketing – their vast experience and assistance has been second to none.

Lode Hall Country Park

OPDS have been invaluable in giving advice regarding what it takes to develop a first class leisure park. They have always been very professional in approach, whilst at the same time being extremely amiable!

Langtoft Lakes

Being new to the industry, OPDS have been invaluable in helping us to get our project off the ground. We are due to open Wigmore Lakes in two weeks – if we hadn’t had the help and support of the Omar team we would still be wondering what to do!

Wigmore Lakes

The OPDS / Omar culture of continuous improvement, innovation, design and customer satisfaction was a perfect match with our own. We are convinced that with OPDS as our Partner, our business will be significantly enhanced.

High Lodge Leisure

OPDS assisted the Park Life Group overcome an on-site issue quickly, effectively and in a stress free manner. The combined knowledge and experience of OPDS was invaluable – great service and great value!

Park Life Group

As a landowner developing a former quarry into a lodge park, I have been seeking the expertise to fulfil my vision. OPDS, have given me the confidence that we will be able to launch this exciting development.

William Fergusson, Cheshire