Why Choose a Park Home in Kent?

Tuesday 13th Feb 2018


Choosing the perfect location to settle down in your retirement years, is no easy decision. This week, we're focusing on Kent.

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How a Park Home differs from a traditional home

Friday 2nd Feb 2018

accent park home

The amount of people choosing to live in park homes has grown massively in recent years, with many retirees opting for park lifestyles over more traditional living in brick properties. Let's take a look at some distinguishing factors.

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Are Park Homes Warm in the Winter Months?

Friday 22nd Dec 2017

warm thumb

Some would expect that a park home would be colder and not as energy efficient as traditional bricks and mortar, but this simply isn’t the case. A park home is just as warm and cosy.

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Why Retire to Devon?

Monday 27th Nov 2017

devon landscape

The British Isles is home to some truly amazing sites and scenery, but Devon, especially as a location to retire to, hits the spot to enjoy those special twilight years.

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Buying a Park Home in Cornwall

Tuesday 7th Nov 2017


Cornwall is a destination of resounding beauty with its beautiful coastline, spectacular views, scenic walks and historic sites. With a number of residential parks to choose from for your park home in Cornwall, there is bound to be one that’s the perfect fit for living out your retirement!

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Park homes a solution to UK’s housing crisis

Tuesday 12th Sep 2017

Omar Colorado Living Area 5 .jpg WEB

The UK housing crisis is well documented and with not enough houses being built, and increases in life expectancy, the problem continues to grow. Could residential park homes be the answer?

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Why buy a Holiday Lodge?

Thursday 27th Apr 2017


Holiday lodges have become a popular purchase over the past few years. So why should you consider buying one?

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What are the costs of buying a park home?

Tuesday 10th Jan 2017

Anniversary Exterior

Park home living offers a unique lifestyle choice that is affordable, comfortable, and growing in popularity. Before buying a park home and starting your new adventure though, it’s important to understand the costs that may be involved.

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