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This event took place on Saturday 28th Sep 2019. Please visit the main Park Open Days page for upcoming events.

Sunny Suffolk - Open Day

Look around this beautiful park between 10am-4pm! 

Welcome to Welhams Meadow, a place to design your dream holiday home in the heart of Suffolk countryside.

Renewable energy system
To celebrate our award-winning renewable energy systems at Welhams Meadow, there will be information about our discreet solar panels that collect the sun’s energy, which is then stored in the innovative Tesla batteries. This reduces the cost on both the environment and the energy bills. Ideal for one of the sunniest parts in the country!

Discover local history of the Knights of St John
Hospitality is in our nature: By the 12th century the Manor (200 metres from Welhams Meadow) had become the property of the Order of the Knights of St John and became their headquarters for Suffolk between 1150 and 1550. We have conducted a vast amount of research to consolidate written accounts, previous occupants, photographs and extensive exterior archaeological digs; with some being on display!

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