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Pricing when Buying On-Park

Most mobile/park homes and lodges we supply are bought on a residential or holiday park, unless you have your own land on which to site one.

We can supply an ex-works, recommended retail price list for our standard range of park homes, lodges and holiday homes, however, this would not reflect the actual price you would pay on a park as it does not include delivery, commissioning, infrastructure or the cost of the land.

Key factors that determine a price when buying ‘on-park’

The Omar Group park home, lodge or holiday home

The cost will depend on the model you choose as well as the size and specification (fixtures and fittings etc.).


As with all accommodation location is a key driver of price and park homes and lodges in the southeast are typically more expensive than those situated further north. Parks near the coast or by rivers and lakes also typically carry a premium, as do parks in areas of natural beauty such as Devon, Cornwall or the Lake District.

Transport and siting

Costs involve specialist transport from the manufacturer to the park and siting the home. Costs also include: the base for the home, commissioning for plumbing and electrics, skirting around the bottom of the home and steps to the front and back doors.

Plot / park specifics

Other factors which may affect price include the plot size and location, outbuildings such as garden sheds and garages, decking, drive ways, landscaping, park amenities, and services (maintenance / warden) etc.el you choose as well as the size and specification (fixtures and fittings etc.).

When buying on-park you will usually be given a Turnkey Price which includes all the above.

If you’re buying for your own land, costs to be considered include the Omar mobile/park home or lodge and transport and siting as above. It is also worth considering landscaping costs and you may also need to factor in the cost for planning permission although this isn’t always necessary.

To request an ex-works retail price list for our standard models, or help on finding a suitable park, please email info@omar.co.uk.

No Stamp Duty to pay

Council tax band A (in most cases)

10-year GoldShield structural warranty on all BS 3632 homes