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Park Home Lifestyle

Park home living offers a unique lifestyle choice which is affordable, comfortable, and growing in popularity.

One of the reasons for the growing number of people choosing to live on a park is the choice, quality and high specifications that park homes are now required to meet. This along with the benefits of a more rural location and also the social benefits of living amongst neighbours who are of a similar age and circumstance, make it  easy to see why park home living is now seriously considered as an alternative retirement choice.

Benefits of living on a Residential Park:

  • Quality of life – Many owners are drawn to the lifestyle because of the sense of community
  • Perfect for retirement – Park homes are single-storey, accessible homes – the perfect size for retirement
  • Luxury homes – Choose your perfect home and specify it to your own requirements and taste
  • Safety and security – Many parks offer a secure gated environment for peace of mind
  • Low maintenance – New park homes generally require very little maintenance and upkeep
  • Energy efficient – New park home are designed to be energy efficient therefore saving on energy bills
  • Location, Location – Residential parks can be found throughout the UK and many are in rural or semi-rural locations
  • Affordable – Park homes generally cost less than bricks and mortar properties of a comparable size
  • Cheaper Council Tax – Park homes are generally rated in ‘Band A’ for council tax