Home Specifications

All Omar Park Homes and Lodges are designed to surpass the standards specified in BS 3632.

Omar's mission is to build the very best park and leisure homes that money can buy; exceeding customer’s expectations.  We have been manufacturing our products for over 50 years and the test of time has seen some of the first homes we made in the early 1960’s still on park today. At Omar our homes are built using responsibly sourced structural materials and to a specification which surpasses BS 3632 the British Standard for the manufacture of Residential Park Homes.

The specification and build of our homes has been developed over 50 years and meets or exceeds the relevant standards. Our aim is to deliver the very best quality home available, a home that is superior to BS 3632 and represents excellent value for money. It should also last as long as the 60 year requirement for traditional brick/block built homes and carry a similar 10-year insurance backed structural guarantee. 

Below are the specifications of the main constituent parts of our homes: