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How A Park Home Differs From A Traditional Home

The amount of people choosing to live in park homes has grown massively in recent years, with many retirees opting for park lifestyles over more traditional living in brick properties. Let’s take a look at some distinguishing factors.   

Buy a Park Home and Save

Park homes are the full package! Unlike a bungalow, park homes are supplied fully fitted with furnishings and appliances, so there are no hefty furnishing costs. When you look at the average cost of a park home with the same square footage as a brick property in the same area, they generally cost less making them a more financially viable alternative.

With energy prices at a high, we all want to try to get our bills down as much as possible, something which is especially important in retirement. Modern park homes built to BS 3632:2015, are built with energy savings in mind. The new British Standard brings with it improved insulation, heat retention, higher maintainable room temperatures and low energy lighting; these are just a few of the features that will help save money on energy bills. Modern park homes are therefore generally economical to run and low maintenance, and if household bills in general are a concern, then in nearly all cases, council tax will be band A. 

Enjoy Independent Living with a Village Atmosphere

A major draw to living in a park setting is the sense of community. Many parks will have a local watering hole or social club nearby, be in close proximity to a convenience store as well as have easy access to public transport. Some even have added luxuries like swimming facilities and/or spa-like amenities. Residential parks can also quite often be found in quiet, rural settings; perfect for nice walks and views. Owners find that quiet and privacy is respected, and as most residential park sites are designed especially for the retirement community, they tend to attract those of a similar age and in similar circumstances who value the same quality of life.

Feel Safe in your Home

Just like most traditional homes, a park home will still have a dedicated parking space with its own allocated boundary and garden, however as many park home sites are situated in a secure gated environment, many with a manager or owner onsite, there can be extra comfort and peace of mind.

As you’ve read, there are lots of great reasons to enjoy a park home lifestyle, so what are you waiting for, take a look at our current park homes for sale.