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Buying A New Park Home

There’s always something extra special about buying a brand-new home. Choosing the fixtures and fittings, enjoying the smell of fresh paint and new carpets as well as the fresh look of an untouched canvas. Buying a new park home comes with the same level of enjoyment. Here’s our guide to help you understand what’s involved.

Just the same as when purchasing a traditional bricks and mortar home, it’s important to do your research. Assess all your options and find the best solution to suit your lifestyle, location, budget and ongoing costs.

If you have a location in mind, find out who owns and operates the park you’re interested in, the associated costs and the long-term implications of park home ownership. Then you can look at what’s available at your park choice.

Your park home alternatives

As with anything brand new, the cost can differ to opting for a previously occupied home, however this option doesn’t come with the chance to select your own style of furnishings or appliances, or the joy of a new home with the latest spec in energy efficiency for example. It might also be worth finding out if there’s the opportunity to purchase a show home. It could be a great alternative, especially if you’re looking to move quickly, but does mean that you wouldn’t have the same level of choice available as with a park home built to your own specification.

Purchasing a new park home

If you feel buying a new park home is top of your list, then your first priority would be to secure your perfect plot. Generally, if vacant plots are available, the park owner will take a deposit for reservation and you can then get underway with the fun bit to buy and specify a new park home via the park owner. The next step would be to specify your new park home with the manufacturer, and if necessary, market and sell your present home.

Choose not just your fixtures and fittings

You’ll find lots of options available from the park home manufacturer. Most manufacturers will offer a range of park home designs in a number of different styles and sizes; the added bonus, different to that of a traditional new home purchase, is that you’ll have the opportunity to adapt the park home to your own tastes and requirements in layout as well as furnishings.

Because each home is made individually to order, most things can usually be changed, from floor coverings, curtains, kitchens and bathroom suites, to tailoring the floor plan to include a study or utility room. A new park home is so versatile, that there’s even the opportunity to change window placement or size to make the most of a special view.

Get ready to move in

When your new park home is ready, it’s delivered and sited ready to be landscaped and for you to move in, at which point the sale completes and the remainder of the full balance paid to the park owner. It is worth being aware that any warranty or aftersales issues should be channelled through the park owner.

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