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BS 3632 Standards

What is BS 3632?

BS 3632 is the British Standard to which residential park homes (and some lodges) are built. All Omar and Wessex park homes and luxury lodges are built to BS 3632.

In 2005 the British Standard for park homes, BS 3632:2005, was updated to be more in-line with conventional forms of housing and to ensure that park homes were suitable for permanent residential use.

In November 2015 the standard was again updated. The current standard, BS 3632:2015, continued to build on the principles of the 2005 standard, but the main focus was to improve energy efficiency; this has helped to reduce the environmental footprint of residential park homes.

How do I know if my park home is built to BS 3632?

All park home manufacturers who are members of the NCC (National Caravan Council) participate in their Self Certification Scheme to ensure conformity with BS 3632. Every home is manufactured to a rigorous program of test and inspection and the summary is then sent to the NCC for verification. Each home is then issued with a Manufacturers Declaration of Compliance certificate when despatched to the park.

BS 3632:2015 Main Improvements

  • Improved insulation to roof, floors and walls
  • Improved window and door U values 
  • Low energy lighting, except in infrequently used areas
  • Revised ventilation
  • Higher minimum maintainable room temperatures
  • TMV2 / TMV3 thermostatic control of DHW supply to prevent scalding
  • Laboratory testing of wall construction to prove sound reduction
  • Increased space requirements for cookers and fridges
  • Changes to advice and warning notices
  • Axle loading and spacing which has been taken from the NCCs COP:501
  • Alternative and renewable energy systems and technologies have at last been recognised

These changes have resulted in genuinely superior park homes and lodges with a significant improvement in terms of energy efficiency and overall standard.

What’s the difference between BS 3632 and EN 1647 Lodges?

Lodges can be built to BS 3632 or EN 1647. EN 1647 is the European standard for caravan holiday homes, which are suitable for temporary, or seasonal holiday use only, whereas BS 3632 lodges are built to the residential standard for park homes, and are suitable for permanent residence (depending on the site licence) and all year round use. 

Energy Rating Certificate

Although not a requirement of the new British Standard for residential park homes, NCC manufacturer members are required to issue all homes with an Energy Efficiency Calculation, so you will know just how energy efficient your home is!

What are U-Values?

U-values measure how effective a material is as an insulator; the lower the U-value, the better the material is as a heat insulator.