It is very important when comparing insulation to understand that it is not just a matter of thickness. There are a multitude of different insulation materials available and the home construction, type of insulation, its correct installation and airtightness is the key to a warm energy efficient home.

Where our insulation figures are quoted they are whole structure element values and include all heat loss through ‘cold bridging’. Structural components of a home such as floor joists, timber framework and roof timbers lose more heat than the insulation materials, this ‘cold bridging’ effect is factored into our ‘U’ value calculations.

As well as needing to provide thermal insulation some materials are chosen to perform the additional task of sound reduction and have a greater density. Our external walls incorporate one of these insulation materials and together with the use of plasterboard provide thermal insulation, increased sound reduction and improved fire retardancy.

Insulation Upgrades

If you live in an existing park home and would like to upgrade, please visit our refurbishment page to learn more about the under-floor, wall and roof insulation upgrades that we offer.