Park Homes

The standard exterior finish of our park homes is a textured synthetic copolymer resin containing selected mineral aggregates to give a class I spread of flame to BS 476. Available in selected colours, it is applied over primed 9mm magnesium oxide (MgO) cladding board which is glued and nailed to the studwork with stainless steel fixings. The MgO board is rated Euroclass A1 Non-Combustible. The 120x36mm timber studwork is spaced at a maximum of 600mm centres and incorporates semi-rigid foil faced A+ ‘Earthwool’ slab insulation between.  

Wall linings are 12.5mm foil backed plasterboard glued, screwed and nailed to the studwork. Although the opposing two foil faces of the service void produces an enhanced emissivity and improves the wall insulation, we only acknowledge one in our energy calculations. Internal walls are decorated with self-finish wallpaper. All internal substrates comply with BS.476 giving a minimum class 3 spread of flame. The wall ‘U’ value is 0.33 W/m²/K or better which is also 6% more than BS 3632:2015 requirements. The laboratory tested acoustic value of our walls has proved a 9db/10db improvement over the requirements of BS 3632:2015.


Our lodges are available in a variety of timber and board claddings: log profile softwood, Louisiana Pacific CanExel, Cedar, Larch, thermally treated timber on 25mm treated battens over membrane covered OSB3 structural boarding. A Lodge wall with log profile softwood cladding has a ‘U’ value is 0.3 W/m²/K which is also 14% more than BS 3632:2015 requirements.

Exterior Finish Upgrades

If you’re looking to upgrade an older park home, please visit our refurbishment page to learn more about the exterior finish upgrades that we offer. Depending on your requirements, our service can include: repairs to exterior walls, applying a new exterior finish, re-painting, re-cladding and insulation.