Roof (Standard Construction)

The roof utilizes the preformed aggregate coated Metrotile® steel tile system, available in several colours, fixed to 50x25mm treated timber battens over Corovin® breather membrane.

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Battens are secured to dual pitch (single wide) or monopitch (twin) nail plated timber roof trusses (produced in our own truss-press) formed from 72mm and 56mm timbers 30mm and 45mm thick. They are positioned at 400mm or 600mm centres with a pitch of 19º. Twin homes provide central support to the roof trusses via proprietary ‘I’ beams. 

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Ceiling decks of 12.5mm foil backed plasterboard glued and screwed to roof trusses, insulated with 250mm A+ ‘Earthwool’ mineral wool insulation with an A1 fire classification and containing up to 70% less embodied energy – a truly planet friendly material. ‘Earthwool’ is made from recycled materials and can be fully recyclable at the end of its life. The roof void is cross-ventilated via the eaves that have various widths depending on the style of the home. 

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Rainwater down-pipes and gutters are in PVCu but some homes have galvanized systems. Fascias and bargeboards are also in PVCu. The roof ‘U’ value is 0.18 W/m²/K or better representing a 10% improvement on BS3632:2015. Due to transport limitations the Heritage has a roof pitch of 16.4⁰.

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