Environmental Policy...

The objective of our Environmental Management System is to ensure that we understand, and effectively manage our business:

  • To minimise the potential environmental impact of our activities.
  • To ensure that our operations contribute to sustaining the environment.
  • To prevent damage to the environment.

Our commitment extends to all our activities, wherever they take place, which have the potential to adversely affect the environment. We aim to prevent environmental damage, minimise our energy and resource usage and ensure that the principles of sustainable development are operated throughout Omar. We will therefore:

  • Commit adequate finance for the implementation, operation and continuing development of our Environmental Management System.
  • Comply with and wherever possible exceed the environmental requirements of appropriate legislative bodies and our customers.
  • Minimise and where reasonably practicable eliminate any adverse impact on the environment arising from the activities of our business.
  • Minimise the use of energy, resources consumed and waste produced while undertaking our business activities in a safe and professional manner.
  • Support the reuse and recycling of materials and ensure the legal disposal of all waste arising from the activities of the business.
  • Identify the significant environmental aspects and impacts from activities and services and, where we have direct control or can be expected to have an influence, update our Environmental Management System to control them.
  • Ensure that all employees whose work may create a significant impact upon the environment are provided with adequate and appropriate information and training and are competent in environmental matters.
  • Inform and train our employees in understanding and fulfilling our environmental responsibilities.
  • Establish and measure environmental performance against our objectives and targets
  • Strive to further improve our environmental performance and awareness.

How we undertake our business is therefore reviewed on a regular basis to consider alternative ways of working that may positively contribute to sustainable development of the environment.

Consideration will always be given to:

  • Reducing energy and resource use
  • Returning used resources
  • Recycling used resources
  • Reusing resources wherever possible
  • Redesigning processes / equipment
  • Designing out’ waste and energy conscious processes
  • Reducing incoming and outgoing packaging waste
  • Minimising travel and transportation
  • ‘End of life’ disposal
  • Purchasing from sustainable sources
  • Rethinking the way that we do business

Our basic ECO package which can be applied to all our homes consists of: 

Intelligent heating controls via a load compensating thermostat that enables the boiler to match its heat output with the heat requirement of the home and includes the ability to programme the heating system on a 7 day / 24 hour basis. This, in conjunction with faster acting thermostatic radiator valves and improved pipework insulation, allows you to have more control over your heating system and save significantly on gas consumption.

Energy efficient LED lighting to all ceiling mounted light fittings throughout the home. A significant 96% energy saving, compared to halogen bulbs, is achieved by these LED fittings. Remarkably they also have a life expectancy of 20 years based on a 6 hour use per day. Please note that the style of light fitting will change to accommodate the LED bulbs.

High specification windows and doors - we have manufactured our own windows and doors in PVCu for over 30 years. These low E windows and doors are full domestic quality and have been used by our trade customers as well because they meet standards suitable for building regulations. This part of our option pack replaces these windows and fully glazed doors with those that provide an additional considerable energy saving. Windows and glazed doors are the greatest areas of heat loss on any home and this option reduces their heat loss by a further 27%. We are also able to manufacture triple glazed windows and doors to give even greater energy saving and additionally provide an improvement in sound reduction.

Reduced water consumption dishwasher - all our kitchen appliances are 'A' rated and above, if you have specified an integrated dishwasher in your home we will upgrade this to a superior model that uses even less energy and water. Each full load wash cycle will reduce water consumption by 33% (5 litres). There is also a half load feature. You may wish to consider a smaller dishwasher with less place settings that will use even less energy & water.

Bespoke ECO options:

Rainwater Harvesting - This option provides recycled rainwater for use in flushing WCs, domestic laundry via your washing machine, garden watering and vehicle washing.

Clearly Hybrid - In partnership with our nominated boiler supplier we are now able to offer an integrated air source heat pump / combination boiler package. 'Glow-worm Clearly Hybrid' system cleverly calculates the heating requirements of your home and uses the cheapest energy source.

Biomass / pellet burner - Considerable advances have been made in biomass heating technology and this can now be part of your bespoke home. It is derived from trees or crops which absorb carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere while growing; this cancels out those produced by combustion.

Air to water heat pumps - The pump will be located outside your home and will convert heat from the air to hot water which, via a high efficiency twin coil cylinder sited inside your home, transfers this heat to the radiators and hot taps in your home.

Combined heat and power gas boiler (micro CHP) - CHP is the process of generating useful heat and electric power from a single energy source. We can install an 'A' rated micro CHP boiler in your home that does this. Both Natural Gas and LPG versions are available and work in conjunction with a cylinder to store the hot water.

Solar photovoltaic panels - We can install PV panel tiles on the roof during construction of your home. These panels convert light into electricity which can be used in your home or, via the DC-AC inverter router and meter; any excess electricity generated may be exported (sold) to your energy supplier.

Solar water heating - We offer either flat plate or evacuated tube solar water heating panels in conjunction with a high efficiency cylinder and 'A' rated gas system boiler. Even when there is no direct sunlight these panels absorb daylight and convert it to useful hot water; considerably reducing the demand on the gas boiler.

Ground source heat pump - This system works in a very similar way to the air source heat pump but takes heat from the ground. This is not a system for consideration on a normal plot unless the site can accommodate a vertical ground loop collector.

I am interested in an ECO package for my new home, what's the next step?

It will be necessary for us to design your home to suit these packages and we will have to work in conjunction with your chosen park operator to determine the total cost of installation. Please contact our sales team on 01842 810673 or sales@omar.co.uk. If you simply wish to discuss the suitability of any system please email your name, address and phone number to eco@omar.co.uk and we will contact you.