Why Retire to Devon?

The British Isles is home to some truly amazing sites and scenery, but Devon, especially as a location to retire to, hits the spot to enjoy those special twilight years. Here are our top five reasons to retire in Devon.

devon creamtea

1. Food and drink

If you’re a keen foodie who enjoys sampling local produce and savouring the flavours of home-grown and reared fruit, veg and meat, then Devon is a feast in itself. It’s well-known for the production of free-grazing beef and lamb; seafood supplied by the many coastal fishing ports; the humble pasty and of course not forgetting the famous Devonshire cream tea.

2. Rolling landscapes and natural beauty

If you enjoy talking country walks, driving through hilly landscapes or if you’re a keen artist, visiting areas of breath-taking beauty such as national parks Dartmoor and Exmoor, will never disappoint. Devon’s countryside will inspire and delight. If it’s peace and quiet you crave then you won’t be let down as your main company will be the local livestock, however, if it’s the local vibe, then just take a wander round Devon’s villages and towns to get the community feel.

devon coast

3. Devon’s climate

We hate to admit it but as we get a little older our circulation isn’t what it was and we tend to feel the cold more than we did in our twenties. So, an extra benefit is that Devon tends to be a bit milder due to the North Atlantic Drift, so snow is pretty uncommon and summers tend to be warmer. Bonus!

4. Dramatic coastlines

The north and south coasts of Devon both have cliffs and sandy shores, and the county's bays contain seaside resorts such as Saunton and Croyde, pretty fishing towns, and ports like Salcombe and Brixham, as well as more bustling cities such as the vibrant Plymouth and Exeter. So much choice, where to explore first!

devon landscape 1

5. Pace of life

Say goodbye to the fast pace of our busy cities and hello to the content and relaxed pace of Devon and its residents. Now is the time to slow down and catch your breath. Up until this point you’ve probably been working hard all your adult life, whether it be raising a family or commuting to work on a daily basis. In Devon, however, you’ll find its residents are always approachable and friendly, there’s a real sense of community and everything gets done in a far less stressful manner.

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