What are the costs of buying a park home?

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Park home living offers a unique lifestyle choice that is affordable, comfortable, and growing in popularity. Before buying a park home and starting your new adventure though, it’s important to understand the costs that may be involved.

Buying a park home for your own land - what are the costs?

  • Cost of the park home – this will depend on the model you choose as well as the size and fixtures and fittings.
  • Delivery and siting – costs will vary depending on how far away you are based from the manufacturer and the delivery and siting contractors fees (it’s worth getting a few quotes in to make sure you’re getting the best price).
  • Planning permission – the cost will vary depending on location and could be avoided completely depending on the use of the park home and where it is to be sited in relation to the main dwelling house. Check with your local authority.
  • Infrastructure and services – your park home will need to be sited on a base and plumbing, heating, electricity etc. will need to be installed.
  • Landscaping – you will need to consider the costs of having steps, a driveway, paths, garden, decking etc.

If you have your own land to site a park home on then you will have minimum outgoing costs as you won’t be paying site fees to a third party.

Buying a park home on a park – what you need to consider

If you are buying a park home on a park, you will usually be charged a turnkey price. A turnkey price is a cost that generally includes (depending on the park), the park home, fixtures, fittings, flooring and furniture, transport and siting, commissioning for plumbing and electric, skirting around the bottom of your park home, steps to the front and back doors, parking space, landscaped garden and even decking!

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Location, location, location

The location of the park you choose will have an impact on the price. Parks in popular areas and those of natural beauty such as the South of England and the Lake District, carry a premium. Parks that are located near to the coast, lakes, rivers or waterways are also typically dearer. Take a look at our online Park Finder to see where Parks and Park Homes are located.

Save on stamp duty

One of the advantages of buying a park home is that you are unlikely to pay stamp duty so the extra money you save could be spent on a treat for yourself or saved away for a rainy day – your choice!

Buying a park home can be an exciting prospect but is a huge decision in its own right. You need to ensure that the park home and park (if you’re not putting it on your own land), is exactly what you want. Plenty of research is always important to ensure you are content with the location of the park, your individual requirements and the costs involved.

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