5 Reasons To Buy A Park Home on Canvey Island, Essex

With more and more people exploring the idea of luxury park home living in later life, it’s no surprise that retirees are seeing it as one of the best options; saving money and time.

You may be asking yourself where the best place to settle down for retirement is? To help you get on the right path, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why Canvey Island in Essex could be the ideal location for you to start your new venture. Explore a world of comfort and seaside breezes off the beaten path.

Canvey Island

Why choose a park home on Canvey Island?

Join a community of friendly, like-minded people who are currently enjoying the unique splendours of Canvey Island. With a small population of under 50,000, there’s plenty of room for a pleasant, relaxed stroll along the beach or a day exploring the islands beautiful system of waterways and creeks. What more could you want?

Great Days Out

If you love the sight of glistening waters, Canvey Island won’t disappoint. You can visit West Canvey Marsh for a delightful day out. It’s the largest green space on the island with nature trails, a picnic area and three spectacular viewing points. The 30 acres of dry and wet grassland is home to dozens of stunning seasonal birds including the Lapwing and Marsh Harrier. A true bird watchers and walker’s paradise.

Love a visit from the grandkids? They’ll have an unforgettable day out at Stay and Splash Waterpark. Sit by the outdoor pool whilst the kids play in the large pool area or order a freshly made dish from the kitchen.

Canvey Heights Country Park is fantastic for dog-walking or a romantic evening stroll in the sunset. Take in dramatic views from an elevated viewpoint where you can see the gorgeous Salt Marshes in Benfleet Creet, the ruins of Hadleigh Castle and endless panoramic sea views.

Perfect Location

Canvey Island is easy to get to no matter what type of transport your taking. Only an hour and a half away from the capital or the West by car. You can simply take the A3211 to East Smithfield, making your way across to the A130 to enter Canvey Island. If you’re coming from the East of England, it’s an easy drive down the A140, or from the North via the M11.

You also have the option of entering Canvey Island via air. Nearby you’ll find Southend Airport, City Airport and Stansted Airport; making the area highly accessible. Additionally, there are major rail and bus routes entering Canvey Island daily.

I Do Like To be Beside the Seaside…

You can’t visit Canvey Island without enjoying an afternoon at the seafront. If you love peaceful strolls on the beach, with sand between your toes and a seaside breeze running through your hair then Canvey Island beach is the perfect place for you, especially if you have a pet dog or two, as they’re also welcome. Stop by one of the numerous charming seaside cafes for a cup of tea and cream cake before making your way home.

If you’re looking to take in more sights and nature along the seafront, pop by Bumblebee Park on Canvey Central Park, just a short walk from the beachfront. Here you’ll find beautiful handmade mosaics created by Canvey children of Lubbins Primary School and a large bumblebee sculpture made of iron.

Tudor Park Home

A Slower Pace of Life

If you’ve been working hard all of your adult life, it’s no surprise that you may be looking forward to some peace and quiet in your retirement years. Between raising a family and living the 9 to 5, retirement opens up a whole host of opportunities to unwind and take in a well needed deep breath of fresh air. If you agree, the unique reserved nature of Canvey Island and its high number of mature residents, makes for a perfect retreat from bustling cities and busy main roads.

A Once In A Lifetime Retirement Opportunity

A park home is a great investment for retirement and an affordable alternative compared to other later life housing options. You can join a neighbourhood that has a lots of community spirit, the lack of stamp duty and much more.

Sandy Bay is a luxury residential resort exclusively for the over 50s. A 24/7 safe and secure gated area with fully maintained grounds, all of which is set next to a picturesque bay. Find out more about their selection of luxury park homes on their website.

Canvey Island is truly a picture-perfect place to retire, next to sandy beaches and gorgeous marshland, with easy access to London and the surrounding areas. Sandy Bay could be the ideal retirement location you’ve been looking for.

Find out what parks and park homes are available with our online Park Finder.

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